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Video and visual curriculum

Creative ideas to work on your cv and propose one more creative and unique than traditional kind.

You can either pick the video or the visual option.
In video many things  that you actually don't even notice about yourself, will pop out and will tell about you much more information that you're not providing verbally.

The very good news is that you'll also have a tool to improve the way you introduce and present yourself.
So, prepare your speach, try it once, twice, until you can (almost) like it.

here a nice example,
you and your expertise in 45"

Visual cv is another way to propose yourself, your personality, your skills, your objectives.
 Here some that I like.


Enjoy yourself preparing yours and/or helping other collegues to prepare theirs.
Can be an interesting task to create team and skills as well.

with - hopefully- an usefull outcome.


Ho usato il blog per dare indicazioni ai miei allievi american per fare qualche esempio del compito che dovranno svolgere: creare il proprio cv in video o visuale, ed ho pensato che potessero essere utili come spunto anche ad altri.